Our partners include leading fund managers that aim to provide wholesale and institutional investors with strong, risk adjusted returns via a diversified portfolio of loans, senior secured by a full spectrum of quality Australian real estate and corporate assets. Debt opportunities are originated through our strong in-house distribution team, and are scrutinised by our in-house credit capabilities.

We provide these funds management partners with outsourced access to high quality deal flow and industry leading (and current) credit policies and procedures. Our ability to generate a high volume of deal flow, results in higher quality investments in an increasingly competitive market place, and our highly disciplined approach to lending allows them to identify and execute on high yield, and strong quality opportunities, unavailable via their in-house origination foot print. 

Benefits to Fund Managers

How we assist debt funds in the current market
Access to a our strong in-house and national affiliate origination network
Strong due diligence via an industry leading investment and credit team
An accelerated path to a better diversified loan portfolio
Access to high quality tier 1, 2 and 3 counter parties
Access to real time credit and competitor analysis
Access to our internal development and construction IP
Outsourced client coverage and relationship management

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