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Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Use our Mortgage Refinance Calculator to see to see how much you could potentially save in repayments by refinancing your home loan.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Use our Borrowing Power Calculator to work out how much you can expect to borrow based on your current income & expenses.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Use our Loan Repayment Calculator to estimate your loan repayments and interest payable. Calculate scenarios for Principal & Interest and Interest Only scenarios.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Use our stamp duty calculator to find upfront costs for buying a property including stamp duty, mortgage registration fees and transfer fees.

Loan Comparison Calculator

With our home loan comparison calculator, you can compare two different example loan rates and fees. Compare the results over the life of the loan.

Extra Repayments Calculator

With our home loan extra repayments calculator, find out how much you can save on your home loan by paying more than the minimum repayments.

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Use our home loan lump sum repayment calculator to see how much money and time you can save by making a once-off lump sum repayment towards your home loan.

Split Loan Calculator

Use our split loan repayment calculator to work out how much you’ll pay on your loan if you split between fixed & variable rates. Understand the interest payable over the term of the loan.

Mortgage Offset Calculator

Use this mortgage offset calculator to estimate how quickly you could pay off your loan, and how much interest could you save on your loan by using a mortgage offset account.

Investment Property Calculator

Considering purchasing an investment property? This Investment Property Calculator helps you to understand how the purchase of an investment property might impact your financial position.


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