“Over the years, Gareth has been an exceptional partner in helping me plan and manage my finances. My journey with Gareth started in 2017, who assisted me with budgeting and improving my cash flow. Gareth is extremely knowledgeable in many aspects including budgeting, cash flow management, goal setting, investing, superannuation and insurance to provide his clients with an holistic view of their finances. Gareth promotes active involvement in financial management, and keeps himself informed about the latest economic trends. It is not uncommon to receive the occasional mail from him with interesting articles to read, a nice touch!

Catalyst is perfectly positioned to provide their clients with advise on additional aspects such as lending for property purchase. I began my journey of purchasing my first property in 2019, and was put in touch with Stephen and Jonathan. Together with Gareth, we set down and created a game plan, demonstrating the true value of financial planning and lending experts working together within the same organisation.

I cannot recommend the folks from the lending division enough. The lending team clearly explained all the steps and costs involved in a property purchase and provided me with fantastic advice, allowing me to focus on finding the right property knowing they had me covered on the securing the best home loan. Jonathan was an invaluable member of “my team”, finding the best lenders for my circumstances and provided options, advice and solid recommendations to help me make the right decisions. Once I secured a property at auction, Jonathan made the application for my home loan a seamless process, and kept me updated throughout the process. 

I would highly recommend the folks at Catalyst for those looking for trusted partners in all aspects of finances”

Client – Michael B, Sydney
Adviser – Gareth Tomlinson, Jonathan Valentino & Stephen Michaels
Division – Property Lending & Advice and Investment Management

“Gareth has been exceptional in his service to us and often goes above and beyond. He has helped us plan for retirement, and manages our shares and other investments. He ensures that we understand what we have discussed, and are then empowered to use the knowledge we have gained. He is the best adviser we have worked with”

Client – Georgia M, Sydney
Adviser – Gareth Tomlinson
Division – Advice and Investment Management

Catalyst is uniquely positioned to execute on a wide range of mandates, and they have assisted us with capital raising, corporate financing, as well as restructuring and refinancing the individual property investment portfolio’s of our founders. Their pace and expertise is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. I would recommend Adrian and the team to everyone from HNW individuals, and business owners, through to listed real estate trusts

Client – The Agency (ASX:AU1)
Adviser – Adrian Lee
Division – Debt Capital

“Gareth has given us advice in managing all aspects of our finances including budgeting, lending, investments, superannuation and insurance. His knowledge and experience is very impressive, and we always feel confident and well informed when implementing his advice. I would highly recommend him”

Client – Sophie A, Sydney
Adviser – Gareth Tomlinson
Division – Advice and Investment Management

Gareth has gone above and beyond my expectations in providing solid financial advice and wealth creation options. What I appreciate most about Gareth is the time he invests to continue to educate me in all areas of financial planing, and always provide exceptional customer service”

Client – Paula V, Sydney
Adviser – Gareth Tomlinson
Division – Advice and Investment Management